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Veterinary Compounding

Veterinary Compounding Custom formulations. Special dosages. Flavoring to help the medicine go down. The pets and livestock you treat are one of a kind, with one-of-a-kind needs. Oftentimes, drug store pharmaceuticals fall short. For the diabetic dog that won't take his pill, the arthritic horse that’s hard [...]


Ophthalmic Compounding

Ophthalmic Compounding Powerful medicine for the most delicate part of the body. You want to be there for your patients when an eye condition prevents them from enjoying life. But if the commercially available treatment isn’t viable, where do you turn? To your nearest [...]


Pediatric Compounding

Pediatric Compounding Helping the medicine go down for the littlest patients. It’s no fun being sick, and medicine can taste yucky. Kids know this better than anyone. But it doesn’t have to be this way. For the sniffles and the sneezes, the weakness [...]


Nutrition and Hydration

Nutrition and Hydration Support Some patients can't consume an oral medication. Others are malnourished, underweight, or severely dehydrated. Cure Stat Rx is on hand with nutritional and hydration support. Our infusion therapies and specialty medications can repair electrolyte balance, improve appetite, and provide [...]


Fertility Therapies

Fertility Therapies Expecting cutting-edge therapies? We deliver. When a couple or individual is struggling to conceive, negative pregnancy tests can produce frustration—and even despair. They look to their physicians for help. When fertility therapies are needed, one place is there to help you deliver hope—Cure Stat Rx. [...]


Non-sterile Compounding

Non-Sterile Compounding Uncommon Preparations for the More Common Compounds For the patient who can’t swallow a pill or is allergic to a commercially available ingredient, there is Cure Stat Rx non-sterile compounding. While compounds that carry the nonsterile designation don’t have [...]


Sterile Compounding

Sterile Compounding Formulated in a clean, compliant, controlled environment The best place to compound uncontaminated, bacteria-free formulations? A cleanroom, of course. Ours is state of the art, exceeding the guidelines outlined by the United States Pharmacopeia's (USP) Chapter 797 and 800 for [...]



Immunotherapy Groundbreaking therapies from a specialized pharmacy. When your patients demand cutting-edge treatment like immunotherapy, you can’t turn to an ordinary pharmacy to supply it. You need one that specializes in rare and chronic diseases—one that’s contracted to process these advanced prescriptions. You [...]


Oncology and Hematology

Oncology and Hematology Personalized medication for oncology and hematology Today, cancer care is filled with hope and promise for patients, even those with rare types of the disease. And with FDA approval of many new oral oncolytics, specialty pharmacies are more important than [...]


Specialty Therapies

Specialty Therapies Unique medication is our specialty When your patients demand specialty care, you need a specialty pharmacy to partner with. Meet Cure Stat Rx—a leading compounding pharmacy and provider of specialty medications. We focus on infused, injectable, and oral drugs that [...]