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Non-Sterile Compounding

Uncommon Preparations for the More Common Compounds

For the patient who can’t swallow a pill or is allergic to a commercially available ingredient, there is Cure Stat Rx non-sterile compounding.

Don’t let the word nonsterile mislead you. Making customized dosages demands 100% adherence to strict rules and regulations. But unlike sterile compounding, there’s less preparation difficulty, contamination risk, and restrictions on how the finished form is administered and stored.

While compounds that carry the nonsterile designation don’t have to be made in a cleanroom, they must live up to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) 795 guidelines for purity, potency, accuracy, packaging, storage, labeling, and cleanliness of the compounding area. At Cure Stat Rx, that area is so immaculate, it is essentially a cleanroom in everything but the name.

Equipped for Complexity

Many pharmacies can only handle simple nonsterile compounds, but Cure Stat Rx is set up for the most complex. That means we can formulate solutions, suspensions, ointments, creams, powders, suppositories, capsules, and tablets that require advanced training, special handling, and specialized equipment. Whether your patient is a toddler who needs the addition of flavor to make the medicine go down or a senior whose serious allergies require the removal of unwanted active ingredients, Cure Stat Rx has what you need.

Put the power of nonsterile compounding into your prescriptions.

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