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Sterile Compounding

Formulated in a clean, compliant, controlled environment

The best place to compound uncontaminated, bacteria-free formulations? A cleanroom, of course. Ours is state of the art, exceeding the guidelines outlined by the United States Pharmacopeia’s (USP) Chapter 797 and 800 for sterile compounding, But we go beyond good.

At Cure Stat Rx, we work hand in hand with the most advanced medical equipment in our ISO (International Standards Organization) class 7 cleanroom, using only FDA-approved chemicals for all compound medications. No dust, no airborne microbes, and no aerosol particles. Just extensively trained technicians and the highest-quality custom formulations—pure and simple.

We offer sterile compounding for:

  • Injectables

  • Infusion treatments

  • Ear drops

  • Ophthalmic drops and ointments

  • Veterinary medicine

  • Hydration

  • TPN

Our Prescription for Quality

Revealing every detail of the Cure Stat Rx quality checklist here would keep you reading all day. Here are a few highlights to save you the time.

  • Trained Cure Stat Rx staff wear sterilized protective equipment, including ventilation hoods, to guard against contamination.

  • All sterile compounds are tested by a 3rd party FDA-registered analytical laboratory for appearance, clarity, container-closure integrity, endotoxin, method suitability, particulate, pH, potency, preservative effectiveness, and sterility, meeting USP 51, 71, 85, 788, 797, 800, and 1207 guidelines.

  • We personally inspect and approve all components, preparation containers, closures, labeling, and other materials in a manner that prevents contamination.

  • Each sterile compound is packaged according to USP 34/NF 29 while considering inertness, visibility, strength, rigidity, moisture protection, ease of re-closure, and economy packaging.

  • Qualified Cure Stat Rx staff sample surface and air quality monthly in the compounding area and cleanroom.

Your Partner in Quality

Doctors who understand the importance of sterility in compounding partner with Cure State Rx for peace of mind. Let us show you why.

Take your prescribing potential to the next level.

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