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Fertility Therapies

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When a couple or individual is struggling to conceive, negative pregnancy tests can produce frustration—and even despair. They look to their physicians for help. When fertility therapies are needed, one place is there to help you deliver hope—Cure Stat Rx.

We understand that insurance companies often won’t cover fertility treatments and the medication can be expensive. As a leading specialty pharmacy, Cure Stat Rx stocks the largest inventory of the latest fertility therapies, available for patients at competitive prices. Whether you’re hoping to stimulate ovulation or maintain a pregnancy, we have what you need, when you need it.

6 Million People Face Infertility. One Pharmacy Can Help.

The highly specialized field of fertility involves a variety of medical, environmental, and lifestyle causes, as well as very specific risk factors. Cure Stat Rx is equipped to treat them. Our pharmacists are knowledgeable, skilled, and proficient at all aspects of fertility prescriptions, receiving ongoing training to help you make the right selection for your patient.

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If you’re a gynecologist or physician who needs a source for the widest variety of fertility medications, Cure Stat Rx delivers.

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