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Sometimes, standard medications don’t suit the patient. Whether they’re unable to take oral treatments, bed-ridden at home battling cancer, or struggling with uncommon immune deficiencies—they may need more specialized care.

When you need a partner to help deliver that care—a resource that’s renowned for Home Infusion, Oncology/Hematology, Nutrition & Hydration, and Specialty therapies—one specialized pharmacy is here to meet your specific needs.

Meet Cure Stat Rx.

What We Do

Cure Stat Rx is a closed-door home infusion and specialty pharmacy providing the high-quality compounded and specialty medications you need—when and how you need them. With competitive prices, personalized service, and precise procedures, you can have a one-stop source, filling every prescription with care and precision.

Why Compounding?

Say a drug was discontinued, a commercial dosage too high, or an ingredient too allergenic. Your patients need a specialty prescription. Enter Cure Stat Rx—a compounding pharmacy that can customize the right dose to optimize care, limit side effects, and achieve the best possible outcome. With more compliance, more dosage forms, and more delivery options, you can give more to your patients.

Infusion Therapies

When you need a closed-door home infusion partner, Cure Stat Rx is there at every turn. Count on us from start to finish for infusion services, supplies, equipment, education, care planning, reporting, and patient-assistance programs. From anti-infectives, blood factors, and chemotherapy to cardiovascular, immunotherapies, and total parenteral nutrition, we are your single-source solution.

Specialty Therapies

Specialty medications demand a specialty pharmacy. Cure Stat Rx is ready to help treat rare and chronic diseases with high-touch, compliant specialty therapies and service. From care coordination to education to training, we promote awareness of newly approved products, and serve as a trusted resource for dosage and administration.

Sterile Compounding

No dust, no airborne microbes, and no aerosol particles. Just the finest technicians and the purest, most high-quality formulations. At Cure Stat Rx, we work hand in hand with the most advanced medical equipment in our ISO (International Standards Organization) class 7 cleanroom, using only FDA-approved chemicals for all compound medications.

Nutritional & Hydration Support

Some patients can’t consume an oral medication. Others are malnourished, underweight, or severely dehydrated. Cure Stat Rx is on hand with nutritional and hydration support. Our infusion therapies and specialty medications can repair electrolyte balance, improve appetite, and provide nourishment when needed.

Fertility Treatments

When insurance companies won’t cover fertility treatments and the cost of medication gets expensive, Cure Stat Rx is your solution. We stock the largest inventory of the latest fertility therapies, and are here to educate patients on dosage preparation, administration, disposal of medication, and alleviation of side effects.

Even More

Our specialty therapies don’t stop here. From ophthalmic, veterinary, and oncology compounds to pharmacokinetic dose assessments, nutritional consultations, and clinical therapy monitoring, we are a complete single-source solution for all your specialty medication and reporting needs.


The best place to compound uncontaminated, bacteria-free formulations? A cleanroom, of course. Ours is state of the art, exceeding the guidelines outlined by the United States Pharmacopeia’s (USP) Chapter 797 and 800.


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Commitment to Excellence Cure Stat Rx is accredited by Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) for compliance with PCAB pharmacy compounding accreditation standards. PCAB is a service of Accreditation Commission for Health [...]

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“Our passion to discover what’s next means you’ll always have a solution, no matter how specific it seems. And with better compliance, more dosage forms, and custom delivery options, you can give more to your patients. Because specialized care demands a specialized pharmacy.”

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